Milia are small cyst-like lesions that are usually white or yellow. They are found under the skin and are typically 1-2mm in size. They form when dead skin cells or keratin become trapped under the skin. They can occur anywhere on the body. However, milia are most commonly found on the face, especially around the eyelids and cheeks. Milia can also develop when our skin loses its natural ability to exfoliate. This could happen because of ageing.

You can reduce the severity of milia by paying attention to your skincare regime. Avoid using creams that are too rich which can exacerbate the condition. Check the ingredient list of your moisturisers to check if they contain mineral oil or lanolin which can increase the formation of milia. It will also help to introduce some form of gentle exfoliation to remove the excess dead skin cells and keratin. You can look out for cleansers or toners that contain salicylic acid, citric acid or glycolic acid. Pay attention not to over-exfoliate your skin as it may cause irritation and inflammation.

If you want to see quick improvement in your milia condition, your best bet would be to consult a doctor who can help you remove these skin growths safely. At NU.U Clinic, we can help you by using the Smartxide Touch machine to treat the affected areas and deliver visible results.

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