Dark Circles

dark circles


The thinnest part of our skin is found around the eyes and it measures around 0.5mm in thickness. It is so thin that it is almost translucent. Therefore, we can easily see the underlying veins. This can result in a bluish or purplish tinge giving the appearance of a darkened undereye area. For some people, this could extend all the way around their eyes. This explains why this condition is aptly named dark eye circles or sometimes referred to as dark undereye circles.

The two main causes of dark eye circles are skin tone and genetics.

Those with a lighter skin tone could find that their dark eye circles are more pronounced as their veins show through more easily. This can be exacerbated if they also have a lack of subcutaneous fat supporting the lower eye lid.

The anatomy of the facial features you are born with also plays a role. A prominent tear trough and nasojugal groove can cause shadowing to appear under the eyes and make dark eye circles more apparent. This condition can worsen as fat loss starting from 25 years of age can deepen the indentation.

Poor lifestyle habits such as the lack of sleep can also increase venous congestion that will lead to fluid buildup and pooling of blood in the superficial vessels. This will make them show through the skin even more easily. Therefore, one is often assumed to be tired when they are seen with dark eye circles.

You can catch up on sleep or use a cold compress to shrink dilated blood vessels to try and improve the look of your dark eye circles. Another alternative is to use makeup to conceal them. However, it can be time-consuming to do so. If you prefer a more fuss-free option that gives you a semi-permanent improvement, you can consider the use of fillers. They can greatly improve the look of dark eye circles when administered by an experienced doctor.

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