Non-surgical eye bag removal

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Eye bags result from sagging skin and herniated fats. Surgical options like transconjunctival blepharoplasty address this, but non-surgical alternatives include chemical peels, radio frequency, HIFU, laser treatments, and fillers. NU.U clinic offers Hybrid Perfecting Eye Bag Removal, combining NILER (Non-incisional Laser Eye Bag Removal) and Morpheus 8. NILER uses a 1444nm laser for lipolysis and skin tightening, while Morpheus 8, a next-gen RF Micro-Needling, contours the undereye area. The combination yields effective results without surgery. Dr. Chew emphasizes the importance of multi-modal approaches for non-surgical eye bag treatments.


How do eye bags form

Bags under the eyes, also called eye bags, form when weakened and sagging skin in this area relaxes and creates a pouch. The fat pads under the eyes then slip down to fill the space, giving the appearance of a “bag.” Excess fluid in the body can also pool in this area, making the lower eyelids look even more puffy and swollen.

Eye bags are usually a concern as it makes someone looks tired and older than their actual age. Most patients who have eye bags would prefer a non-surgical solution if the treatment is safe and effective.

Surgical blepharoplasty has been the treatment of choice but is associated with a significant amount of downtime and the usual risks associated with this form of surgery.

Surgical options for eye bag removal

The most popular option would be the scarless eye bag removal or transconjunctival approach to remove the herniated fats.

Scarless eye bag removal involves addressing the lower eye bags via an incision in the conjunctiva (the mucosal layer on the inside of the lower eyelid) without leaving an external scar. Direct access to the lower eyelid structures is thus possible and enables precise correction of any deformities.

The ideal patient for this procedure would be someone whose eye bags are due mainly to fat without too much excess skin.

In cases where excess or overhanging skin is also an issue , an adjunct procedure called pinch blepharoplasty can be performed at the same sitting .

Pinch lower blepharoplasty involves only the removal of skin and underlying muscle, hiding the incision appropriately at the lower eyelid margin or in a skin crease. The risk to this procedure would be the formation of a visible scar thus it must be performed by a well-trained surgeon with good skills.

Non-surgical options for eye bag removal

Non-surgical options in the market include chemical peels to renew skin, radio frequency, HIFU or laser treatments to resurface and tighten the skin as well as facial fillers to add volume the area around the eyes.

Hybrid Perfecting Eye Bag Removal

Hybrid Perfecting Eye Bag Removal, your non-surgical eye bag removal treatment at NU.U clinic.

Since 2009, Dr Chew has helped patients with eye bag concerns using NILER treatment (Non-incisional Laser Eye Bag Removal) to effectively remove herniated fats and excess skin around the eye area. As newer aesthetic technologies emerge in the market, he has since added Morpheus 8 treatment to achieve further tightening and lifting. We name this combination of treatment as ‘Hybrid Perfecting Eye Bag Removal’. This has been the treatment of choice amongst our patients and we have seen great results.

“It is important to remember that eye bags are the result of herniated fats and excess skin to varying degrees. So for any method(s) to be effective it would have to address these two issues. It is precisely because of this that non-surgical procedures for eye bags should be multi-modal for it to be effective.” says Dr Chew.

NILER (Non-incisional Laser Eye Bag Removal)

NILER refers to Non Incisional Laser Eye bag Removal. The laser used is a fibre optic 1444nm laser which has a high affinity for fat and uses a 0.6 mm fibre optic cable to directly induce a lipolysis of the eye bag fat as well as tightening of the undereye skin.

Further skin tightening of the Eye bag area is achieved by using a HIFU device 2 weeks later.

Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 represents the next generation Radio Frequency (RF) Micro-Needling. It combines the controlled micro trauma induced by micro needling with the precise fractionated heating of the RF needle.

This treatment is an excellent option for the delicate eye area and helps to melt the fat in the eye bags and contours the undereye area.

The RF energy emitted from the micro needles helps to tighten and lift the under eye skin which improves the sagging skin associated with the eye bag .

A series of 2 -3 treatments at monthly intervals is recommended for optimal results. For those with more severe excess skin, additional Morpheus 8 treatments can be added at subsequent sessions.

The combination of NILER and Morpheus 8 provides effective removal of the herniated fat through the laser lipolysis and tightening and contraction of the undereye area. If you have eye bag concerns and have further questions about our ‘Hybrid Perfecting Eye Bag Removal’, make an appointment with us to find out more.

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