6 Myths about fat reduction

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Common myths about fat reduction are debunked:

  • Liposuction is clarified as a body contouring, not weight-loss, procedure.
  • Spot treating with diet and exercise doesn’t sculpt the figure effectively. Removed fat may return with weight gain, and liposuction is a major procedure with potential risks.
  • Fat reduction treatments may worsen cellulite, and it’s crucial to consider skin laxity and muscle tone for comprehensive results.

The Top 6 Myths About Fat Removal

Fat reduction has always been a hot topic. As conversations about it continues to shift and evolve, it remains a constant focus in the aesthetics world. Hence the plethora of fat reduction treatments available, ranging from surgical options such as liposuction to non-invasive alternatives such as Coolsculpting, Sculptsure, Trusculpt ID and more. Despite the topic’s obvious popularity, there are still plenty of common misperceptions.

MYTH #1 – Liposuction help you lose weight

Liposuction is not a weight-loss method. Full stop. It’s a great way to sculpt and contour the body, but not to lose weight.

MYTH #2- You can “spot treat” areas of fat with diet and exercise

Diet plus exercise is the best way to get rid of fat overall, but it’s not going to sculpt your figure. For spot treatment you are probably better off investing in one of the non-invasive fat reduction procedures.

MYTH #3- Fat won’t come back after it’s removed

That’s not the case. If you gain weight, your body will find fat cells in which to put excess fat. You may not gain as much weight in the area that was treated, because there are now fewer fat cells there, but you will put it on elsewhere. Point being, undergoing a fat-reduction procedure won’t render future weight increases obsolete.

MYTH #4 – Liposuction is a minor procedure

It’s an invasive procedure that, if not performed by the right person, in the right way, on the right candidate, can lead to dangerous complications and lifelong problems. In addition it’s also very difficult to correct bad lipo.

MYTH #5 – Fat reduction treatments are a good way to address cellulite

If you already have cellulite and take out fat, you’re only going to end up with more rippling and more of a cobblestone appearance. Picture a grape as opposed to a raisin—removing the volume makes things look worse.

MYTH #6 – Fat is always the culprit

People focus on the fat and think fat is bad, but other factors come into play with the abdominal contour. Consider the muscles, the fat, and the skin over that fat. 

While fat is undesirable, it is important to think about the consequences of removing fat if one has diastasis recti, cellulite or saggy skin – we have seen sufficient cases where skin becomes more saggy after fat removal. For this reason, treatments should not only focus on reducing or removing excess fat but consider options to improve skin laxity and abdominal muscle tone.

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