Sagging Neck

sagging neck


Sagging neck skin is widely considered as a sign of ageing skin. Given its loose and typically wrinkled look, it is often referred to by the unflattering term “turkey neck”. This condition can be caused by weakened neck muscles, loose skin, wrinkles, and fat accumulation. Some of these causes can be brought about by lifestyle choices such as overexposure to skin, poor diet, stress, and overuse of tech products, e.g., frequent staring down at one’s phone for long periods of time. As with many other aspects of one’s body, genetics also play a part as well.

There have been claims that facial and neck exercises can strengthen neck muscles and improve blood circulation to give the neck a smoother and tighter appearance. However, there have been no conclusive evidence on these claims. On top of that, even if these exercises do work, they only treat the neck muscles and not the loose skin.

Neck cream is a form of topical treatment that could help to firm and smooth the skin, therefore improving the appearance of a sagging neck. That said, these creams do take time to work and may only be effective for very mild cases.

Surgery remains the most effective and quickest treatment for sagging neck. However, as with all forms of surgery, there are risks involved such as the possibility of scarring.

There are non-invasive medical procedures that could treat this condition effectively, such as Botox and dermal fillers. Another popular option is the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy to tighten loose neck muscles and firm up the skin, thus creating a non-surgical face/neck lift effect. The best way to know which option will best for you is to consult an experienced doctor who can assess your condition and make the most suitable recommendation.

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