Profhilo Skin Restoration and RepairA bio-remodelling “injectable skincare” that addresses skin laxity and signs of ageing through the bio-stimulation of collagen, elastin and adipocytes (fats) stem cells that were lost through skin ageing.



  1. Anti-ageing approach with innovative technology that targets from the inside out
  2. Uses 100% pure hyaluronic acid
  3. High hyaluronic concentration using 32mg of hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight) and 32mg of hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight)
  4. Intervenes the process of ageing tissue, bio-stimulates elastin and collagen
  5. Addresses signs of skin ageing naturally




  1. Formulated with unique patented NAHYCO® Hybrid Technology
  2. Clinically proven for safety, efficacy and bio-compatibility
  3. Sustainable results without use of chemical cross-linking agents, reducing chances of inflammation
  4. Reaches multiple skin layers, targeting skin laxity and loss of collagen
  5. Unique BAP (Bio Aesthetic Points) injection technique for optimal diffusion of the product


With just 5 BAP injection points per side of the face, Profhilo diffuses through the different skin layers, across the widest sections of the face through, bringing a natural and lasting refreshed look.



The suggested treatment protocol is 1 month apart after the first treatment for the second treatment and 6 to 9 months for the next repeat protocol for maintenance. The third treatment after 2 months may be required depending on skin laxity.



  1. Bio-stimulates elastin, 4 types of collagen and hydration in the 3 main layers of the skin
  2. Provides firming, tightening and lifting effect to the skin
  3. Improves overall skin quality and hydration
  4. Fast and effective treatment with minimal pain and downtime
  5. Provides tissue repair process, ideal for acne scarring



You will experience approximately 12 times increase of collagen and elastin in the skin and 20% increase in skin hydration with about 8 times more lasting in the skin than regular non cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

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