Red carpet ready skin with Hollywood Spectra laser treatment

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Get Red Carpet-Ready Skin with NU•U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic’s Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment. Featured on Beauty Insider, this revolutionary treatment combats dull skin and stubborn pigmentation caused by factors like UV rays and aging. The Hollywood Spectra™ laser, FDA-approved for Melasma, offers efficient, safe, and quick sessions, promoting collagen production and eliminating pigmentation. Experience benefits like youthful, glowing skin and reduced acne scars. Enjoy the Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment at $400 per session. Unveil stunning skin with NU•U – your journey to looking and feeling good starts here!

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(By: Farah Khan / August 30, 2022)

Cameras clicking, dresses dazzling, and skin on point! We all want to look as flawless as celebrities on the red carpet but there are certain things that get in the way. Dull skin and stubborn pigmentation are hard to overcome and besides blocking your journey to perfect skin, they drag our confidence down with them too. 

Hyperpigmentation and dull skin can be caused by many factors including exposure to UV rays and blue light, ageing, inconsistent skincare routine, pollution and more. We’ve been searching far and wide for a treatment that will eliminate these skin problems and we’ve stumbled upon NU•U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic and it’s highly raved about treatment; the Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment. Keep reading to find out how this treatment will help you unveil the beautiful skin you deserve. 

The Hollywood Spectra™ 

The Hollywood Spectra™ is the latest trailblazing alternative to PicoSecond Lasers. Its laser platform is the world’s leading 1064/532nm laser technology, featuring exclusive capabilities for reducing undesired pigmentation and restoring radiant and glowing skin. It is the only nano acoustic laser capable of providing unrivalled high peak acoustic pressure that exceeds most PicoSecond lasers, enabling proven effective and efficient treatments. Its technology reduces thermal effect while improving safety and performance for removing all forms of undesirable pigment, with minimal patient downtime. 

The Spectra laser light acts in two ways. It gently targets melanin in the cells, breaking it up for your body’s natural elimination processes, and it heats deep in the dermis, causing the skin to contract and promote collagen production. Because the therapy is incredibly gentle to the skin, numerous passes of the laser can be done to achieve the best outcome.

All of this is made possible by the HyperSurge™ Resonator and IntelliBeam™, which contribute to pico-level quality and effectiveness. It is the first short-pulse laser that has earned FDA approval for the treatment of Melasma. That’s not all though! This treatment, besides eliminating existing pigmentation, also reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation forming in the future. 


The Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment gets your skin red carpet worthy by providing an array of benefits. The best part is, this gentle treatment only takes 20 minutes or even less. 

These benefits include: 

  • Youthful and Glowing Skin
  • Improved And Even Skin Tone
  • Smoother Skin
  • Reduces Acne Scars and Fine Lines

The experience of Hollywood Spectra treatment at the NU.U Clinic

Ready to unveil stunning skin?

Experience the Basic Hollywood Spectra Laser Peel only at $250 per session, and the full  Hollywood Spectra Laser Treatment for $400 per session with Nuu Aesthetic Clinic. For enquiries, CALL 6732 9989 or WHATSAPP 9152 3582.

Your journey to looking and feeling good starts here. Learn more about how this treatment can help you unlock the restoration and rejuvenation you need for your face and skin. Contact us to make an appointment.

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