A completely non invasive, macro focused fat reduction and body contouring system equipped with the latest in HIFU technology.

SCIZER is coupled with Contact Cooling Control which applies an anaesthetic effect on the surface of the skin. This numbing effect allows patients to feel less in the region allowing a higher level of energy to be delivered to the treatment area with minimal discomfort. Each treatment square measures a 40 millimeter area and it goes down a depth of 9-13 mm to reduce fat.

The addition of the Contact Cooling Control represents an important advancement in comparison with other HIFU treatments as patients can now undergo the treatment with minimal discomfort.



Pain is often a deal breaker when considering any type of treatment and treatment times are often increased due to the pain levels experienced. So if you have been trying to get rid of the excess fat on your love handles, flanks, thighs and abdomen region and have tried exercising and it just won’t go away, this might be the time to give the SCIZER treatment a try.



You are a good candidate to receive the SCIZER treatment if you have at least one inch or 2.5 cm of fat in the area proposed for treatment.



The SCIZER applies Ultrasound energy 9-13 mm under the surface of the skin, melting and destroying the fat deposits in the subcutaneous fat layer at heat levels of 65ºC.

This process is referred to as thermo-coagulation and there is no damage to the surrounding tissues or surface skin.

Fat cells are permanently destroyed with an average of 2.5 cm to 8cm in abdominal waist circumference reduction after a single treatment.

There might be temporary redness, mild bruising and minimal discomfort but these are considered part of the process and not side effects.



Results are usually optimal at 6-12 weeks post treatment and can be repeated when necessary to achieve your ideal body shape.



Once the treatment is completed, there is nothing to worry about and you can return to your normal daily lifestyle. The treatment can be combined with the X-wave and or Exilis RF to enhance and facilitate the results. Typically 1-3 treatment sessions are necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

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