Dual Yellow Laser

Total skin rejuvenation.

Flexible, fast, effective treatment with real results for acne, vascular and pigmented lesions.

DUAL YELLOW LASER delivers great control and better outcomes with reduced skin damage and discomfort. It also improves skin texture, targets fine lines and wrinkles, as well as evens out skin tone, resulting in brighter, younger looking skin.



  • DUAL YELLOW LASER can be used for many purposes, namely:
  • Skin brightening
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Effective removal of pigmentation (e.g. melasma)
  • Reduction of acne and acne red marks
  • Removal of vascular and bulky lesions
  • Rosacea / Telangiectasias
  • Birthmark removal



People suffering from dull, unattractive skin with severe pigmentation such as melasma, lesions, and acne. This treatment will greatly benefit people with recurring melasma, stubborn acne, bulky lesions, and vascular lesions. DUAL YELLOW LASER treatment is also a perfect laser treatment for people seeking skin brightening and overall rejuvenation of the skin.



Emitting unique wavelengths of 511nm and 578nm, DUAL YELLOW LASER corresponds well with absorption peaks for vascular and pigmented conditions. The unique wavelengths are capable of reaching the deep dermis and absorbed by the pigments without causing any collateral damage to surrounding skin.

The green and yellow lights emitted by the DUAL YELLOW LASER are effective for treating and clearing melasma. It works by curbing the production of melanin at the source. In other words, DUAL YELLOW LASER does not only treat melasma, it also reduces the production of melanin so the recurrence rate is low.

The laser is a copper bromide laser which gently destroys acne bacteria in your sebaceous, and then shrinks it to prevent excessive production of sebum. It doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue, yet at the same time, the laser helps to stimulate collagen growth for an improved appearance. With regular fortnightly treatments, you’ll definitely see marked improvements in just three to five sessions.

Treatment is approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike most other laser treatments where micro-wounds are created on the skin surface, DUAL YELLOW LASER is a gentle laser treatment that does not break the skin surface. This makes the treatment very comfortable, even without any numbing cream. Furthermore, heat is scattered and dispersed at the skin surface, leading to a vast reduction in discomfort.



The downtime is minimal as DUAL YELLOW LASER treatment is a non-invasive treatment that does not break the skin surface. In fact, you will notice that your skin becomes brighter after the treatment. For people with extremely sensitive skin, you may experience mild redness for a few hours. You should be able to resume your daily activities on the same day.

Improvements are gradual and become more visible after each treatment. Expect clearer and healthy-looking skin that is clearer and tighter. For best results, 6 treatments, spaced 3 weeks apart is recommended. Thereafter, maintenance treatments can be done once every 2 months.



DUAL YELLOW LASER is very safe because the laser does not injure the outermost layer of the skin. Side effects are minimal and may include redness and mild swelling. Most of these will disappear within hours of the treatment.

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