Nose Filler Enhancement

Restylane Filler, a non-invasive nose augmentation to achieve a higher and more defined nasal bridge. Nose augmentation is a common request for the Asian face.

The Asian face differs from the Caucasian face in that Asians have a flatter nasal bridge, which in severe cases can result in a non-aesthetically pleasing appearance and resulting in a perceived widening of the medial folds of the eyes.


Flat nose bridge


It is advised to come for a consultation with the Doctor to assess your suitability.


Correction in the past have relied largely on surgical implants to reshape the nose but over-correction results in an unusually high bridge that makes an Asian face look awkward and an unhappy client. Now we can correct this with the injection and moulding technique applicable with the use of dermal fillers.

Restylane Filler, a form of hyaluronic acid filler for a more natural look that looks and feels like your own nose. One session is typically needed and the entire procedure is performed under topical anaesthetic.


Lyft / Intense fillers last an average of 9 to 12 months and treatment can be repeated when necessary.


You can resume normal activities on the same day.

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