Dermoelectroporation is the only transdermal delivery device FDA cleared as an alternative to injections. It can be adapted to the treatment of the scalp and thinning hair/hair loss through the use of a special hair comb attached to the device.


Technology Description

Dermoelectroporation is a patented, proprietary technology from Mattioli Engineering. It utilizes the skin water-based “channels” to allow ionic drug solutions to penetrate due to controlled “electroporation-like” continuous reversed polarity electrical pulses. Because of this, Dermoelectroporation is able to control the average pulse value and vary the pulse shape according to the skin-specific electrical impedance.

Dermoelectroporation promotes the transdermal delivery of both micro-molecules and macro-molecules (more than 800,000Dalton) safely into the body without the need of modifying the ionic drug solution pH, as with traditional iontophoresis. Dermoelectroporation does not require a pH compensation patch, driving gels, or pre-charged ions. As such it can deliver products into the skin at absorption of up to 80%

Unlike traditional iontophoresis, Dermoelectroporation does not have an electrolysis reaction at the site of the electrodes. There is no degradation of the molecule being delivered. This means that both positive and negative ions of the product are delivered into the body – the product is delivered as a whole.


Benefits of Dermoelectroporation

  • Non-invasive
  • No trauma or bruising from an injection
  • Capability to transdermally deliver both micro-molecules and macro-molecules
  • No electrolysis reaction at the site of the electrodes
  • No variation or change in the ionic drug solution pH, ensuring that the patient experiences no discomfort or irritation
  • Both positive and negative ions are transdermally delivered


The clinic has specially formulated a hair regrowth treatment cocktail to be used in our scalp electroporation treatment. Depending on the severity of your hair problems it is recommended to be done weekly to fortnightly with monthly maintenance treatments.

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