Wide Jaw

wide jaw


While a wide and square jaw is considered an attractive physical trait for men in general, it is often not the same for women. That is because the angular jawline is often equated with masculinity.

It is a popular opinion for many that a gently tapered jawline is deemed attractive when it comes to women. This is especially so when the lower half of their face looks V-shaped. In fact, the heart-shaped face is usually considered the most attractive in women.

A large square jaw may be due to the underlying bone structure or muscles. It could also be a combination of both. The most obvious cause is a large jaw bone. This is usually congenital, and the wide jaw look can be exacerbated by the size of the masseter muscle. Just like all muscles grow when we exercise them, this muscle increases in size through frequent chewing, jaw clenching or teeth grinding. This could cause one’s jaw to look wide even in the absence of a large mandible.

When one’s wide jaw look is caused by an overdeveloped masseter muscle, the most effective treatment to relax it with Xeomin. This will in turn thin the muscle and take away the square look of the jaw, thus creating a slimmer, softer and symmetrical outline. It is therefore very important to have an experienced and skilful doctor administer this treatment in order to get the best results possible.

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