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open pores


Large pores can be caused by a variety of factors. There are three major ones among them that are very common.

The first is undoubtedly ageing. As we grow older, we start losing collagen and elastin in the skin. Both elements are important in holding up and supporting our skin to help it look firm and supple. Without ample support, our skin will start to sag and this will cause the pores to appear bigger than they actually are.

Genetics is the second reason. Men are more likely to have larger pores. This is due to their genetic makeup and the tendency for their sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

The third major factor is the presence of overactive sebaceous glands. When our skin produces a lot of oil, it can cause pores to expand from the oil being trapped inside there with our dead skin cells. This is also why it is more common for individuals with oily skin to experience large pores.

While you can use cosmetic products to minimise the appearance of pores, it may not work for everyone. Makeup balms that fill out pores only work well for those with mild to moderate cases of enlarged pores. You might also need to layer multiple products to achieve the illusion of smaller pores and this could lead to a cakey look on your face.

One way to prevent the enlarging of pores is to use skincare products that regulate sebum production on our skin. However, once pores are enlarged, the only effective way to make them look smaller is via laser treatments to refine skin texture, treat overactive sebaceous glands and stimulate collagen growth. These treatments show promising results quickly and we can tailor a treatment programme that is specific to what your skin needs.

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