When our undereye area experience mild swelling or puffiness, it can cause that part of our eyes to bulge. This looks similar to how a bag that is bloated and round from being stuffed full. That is why this condition has earned itself the moniker of eyebags.

This condition is common as we age. With ageing, the tissues around our eyes weaken. This includes some of the muscles supporting the lower eyelids. Normal orbital fat that helps support the eyes can then herniate downwards due to weakening of the orbital septum. This thus causes the lower lids to appear puffy.

Additionally, as we age, we lose skin elasticity. This causes skin to sag and this can further emphasise the appearance of eyebags, Fat loss in this area can also exacerbate sagging skin. Sometimes, eyebags can also be accompanied with dark eye circles.

Other factors that could contribute to the formation of eyebags include smoking, alcohol consumption, genetics, allergies, lack of sleep and medical conditions such as thyroid. Another factor is one’s diet. A diet high in sodium causes you to retain water and this leads to swelling under the skin.

Although eyebags can be bothersome, they are usually harmless and don’t impact your vision or health. You can reduce the puffiness by making changes in your lifestyle habits or by using topical creams containing ingredients that help constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling. However, these options can only do this much. If your eyebags are very prominent, your best bet would be to consider medical treatments.

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