The concept of light and shadow in face beautification

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Rediscover Youthful Radiance: Facial Contouring at NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness addresses aging concerns, utilizing treatments like dermal fillers and Sculptra to restore facial volume. By rebalancing highlights and shadows, our subtle yet effective approach creates a naturally refreshed appearance, combating the aging effects of volume loss and skin laxity.

Art of Light and Shadow in Facial Aesthetics

We might not be conscious of this but the way we quickly assess and judge a person’s facial attractiveness actually involves the interplay of facial highlights and shadows. Think about how a makeup artist enhances one’s appearance through the application of highlights and shadows. 
In the field of aesthetics, understanding this interplay of facial light and shadow as part of the facial restoration process goes a long way to creating a look that patients will love. 
We all know that youthful faces reflect light and shadows in just the right places. The image below illustrates this –  cheek creates the facial highlight, and shadow area below the cheek accentuates the facial features.
Convex facial areas such as cheeks, forehead, temples and lips (even the small philtral columns between the lip and nose) reflect light – contributing to a radiant and youthful look. Shadows in this case gives “life” to the face. In fact, it is the facial shadows that shape the light and focus our attention on the facial highlights. 
However, when facial shadows are too prominent or overly defined (due to loss of facial volume/ ageing skin), it makes one look old, gaunt and tired. Facial shadowing associated with the loss of facial volume and skin laxity often makes one look older than he/she actually is.

Revitalize Your Look with Facial Contouring at NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness

At NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness, we recreate facial highlights by facial contouring and lifting areas of deflation. By restoring balance in facial highlights and shadows with the appropriate use of treatments such as dermal fillers and collagen bio stimulators (e.g. Sculptra), we help patients achieve a youthful radiant looking appearance. Results are often subtle but patients are satisfied with the outcome of a “naturally refreshed” look without ever looking “done” at an aesthetic clinic. 
We often share this age-old adage with our patients “Getting older is not an option but looking older is”.  We hope to help and guide you in your journey to looking and feeling good (& youthful!). To learn more about maintaining a youthful look as you age, CALL 6732 9989 or WHATS APP 9152 3582. 

Your journey to looking and feeling good starts here. Learn more about how this treatment can help you unlock the restoration and rejuvenation you need for your face and skin. Contact us to make an appointment.

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