Acne scars removal with Morpheus8

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Acne scars form because of poor skin healing processes and inflammation. The scarring and uneven skin texture caused by the acne scars can be difficult to conceal even with makeup.

Many patients have expressed being anxious and self-conscious about it. The good news is that there is an effective treatment for acne scars removal using Morpheus8.  

How does it work?

🚀 The tiny needles of the Morpheus8 device puncture & penetrate the skin’s subdermal tissue and creates micro-wounds.

  1. As this happens, the needles send out waves of Radio Frequency (RF) energy to enhance collagen remodelling and healing processes.
  2. The combined effects of the micro-needling and the RF energy are synergistic & create the effects of a wound.
  3. Cells quickly regenerate and begin forming new tissues, including collagen. Over a series of treatments, scars diminish and disappear.


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