5 clues your body is compensating for a weak core

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A strong, healthy core is vital for our health and posture. When our core is strong and working properly, we will have less back pain, better posture, and will move with more ease and endurance. 

What you need to know about having a strong core. 

  1. A strong core literally help you stay upright. It helps you maintain a more upright and erect posture.
  2. Core strength is crucial in every movement you do. In fact it makes it easier for us to do most physical activities.
  3. You need to build enough core strength before you can build strength anywhere else.
  4. As you increase your core strength you improve your balance and build overall stability which makes you less likely to injure yourself.
  5. Weak core muscles can leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries.

Here are five signs to know if your core is weak.

So how do you know if your core strength is where it needs to be? 

  1. Your posture is not upright and below par.
  2. Your lower back arches when you walk or you have a pelvic tilt.
  3. You have frequent back pain.
  4. You feel weak when throwing or jumping.
  5. You use objects or people around you as a “crutch” to help support and aid your movements.

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